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Welcome to Peaquill Review!

We look forward to reading your high-quality submissions.

Peaquill Review invites writers of non-fiction, plays, fiction, literary/cultural criticism, essays, visual artists, and photographers from around the world to send their poetry, non-fiction pieces( which include personal essays, travel writings, interviews, etc.), plays (excerpts), fictions, and visual arts (photographs, cartoons, illustrations, etc.).

We accept works from people of all ages, including first-timers to experienced fiction writers, poets, playwrights and essayists. However, we want to read and showcase works that reflect original crafts, high imagination, unusual and penetrating as well. We do NOT accept previously published works that have appeared in blogs or other social media sites. However, simultaneous submissions are encouraged, and only just inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere. We accept submissions on a rolling basis.
Your fiction and non-fiction should range from 1000 to 2500 words, literal criticism ( theory-guided and preference for new books up to 5,000 words, will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field), book reviews essays 1500 words and other forms of essay of no more than 2500 words maximum.
You may submit a maximum of five poems, of any style and theme (not more than thirty lines). You also may send at least 3 poems ( of shorter, considerable length, 15 lines is good) but less is not bad, too. Short plays and skits can be submitted, usually not more than six episodes or divisions. For artworks three pieces, single photo shots, or related series of four can be submitted, perhaps with contexts, if necessary.
Once your work is published in our journal, you may still publish them on other websites, but please do accord recognition to Peaquill Review as the primary publication place. If your work is selected for publication on our website, you are giving us the right to showcase it on our literary journal for the duration of the journal, but you still retain all rights to them. If we do select your work, we ask that you wait three months before submitting another to us. If we do not select your submission, we ask that you wait four months before submitting again.
Please send in your submission as attachments, and a bio of about 100 words (in third person) in the body of your email, to the editor via email: or We prefer attachments as word documents. Except for stylistic preference, say in poetry or poetic prose, we require double spacing and Times New Romans font, size 12. For the subject of the email, write your first name followed by the principal title of your fiction or poem, like Memory ( the title of a series or that of a single poem, fiction, photo or artwork). Also, add your photo and/or images you would like to accompany your work. Please note that by submitting, you are acknowledging that all works that are submitted are yours and that you own all rights. In addition, we will add you to our email list when you submit it to let you know about upcoming events.
We will get back to you within six weeks, but if you do not hear back from us, feel free to reach out to us through the contact us page of this website.
For now, we are unable to pay our contributors. But payment will start soon (as time and tide swing well with us.) We are happy to publish event information of interest to the writing world. We are happy to receive advertising enquiries.
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